Which direction to lay pavers?

You should start by placing the pavers along the longest straight side. The pavers should be placed in a 90-degree corner, preferably in the corner that adjoins the house or some structure, and then you should continue to extend the pavers along the longest straight line. Place the cobblestones straight down in the sand. The pavers should be placed gently on the sand bed and not get into it.

Setting a 3-inch rope line above the adjustment bed will allow the installer to maintain straight pattern lines. If you are going to finish your patio with entire pavers to avoid cutting them, once you have installed them all, clean the sand and install the edges of the cobblestone directly on top of the base of the road, firmly against the pavers. While laying patio pavers is a fairly simple and straightforward exterior project, handling base materials and pavers is an exhausting job. Be sure to keep the height uniform throughout the area, as this is the last layer; its height will determine the final height of the patio.

If you are going to place pavers in curves or diagonally, increase the excess to 15 or 20 percent. Be sure to mix cobblestones from several pallets while placing the design to achieve a uniform color mix. I prefer the design as in the first photo published by LukkiIrish (with the long ends of the cobblestones parallel to the house, the bond running parallel to the house).

Natalie Shimabukuro
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