Where to get landscaping ideas?

Get ideas for your landscaping project in New York. See photos of beautiful landscapes of New York, Buffalo, Rochester and other New York cities. In this Long Island home, Hollander Design Landscape Architects created simple color plans by filling beds and borders with varieties of individual plants. In fact, with a well-designed landscape, you can transform any green area into a relaxing getaway to entertain friends and family, relax with a book, take a dip in a pool or tend to a garden.

In this Montecito, California garden, designed by landscape designer Hoerr Schaudt, Santa Barbara sage brings a vibrant violet color to a series of terraced playgrounds designed with the owners' children and dogs in mind. The salt box houses, as well as the larger mansions, are distributed in large lots with beautiful landscapes that are ideal for a high-end party or an impromptu meeting after a day at the beach. There's nothing more dreamy than a leafy front or backyard, especially one filled with beautiful gardening ideas. Here, North Carolina landscape architect Rob Westmore rescued and relocated as many of the trees displaced by the construction of the house as possible, supplementing them with regional species such as horse chestnut and witch hazel.

The architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro designed what they call a “landscape without roads” with prefabricated concrete pavers whose conical ends spread organically into the flower beds. From high-density urban penthouses to farms converted into upstate residences, the landscapers here can do it all, but only when they're well-tested and recommended to create that outdoor getaway you've always dreamed of. For a spacious cottage garden in the bay area, landscape designer Erica Timbrel needed to design a series of outdoor rooms that were cozy for both children and adults. Whether you're looking for creative ideas for plants to border walkways, how to design landscapes around a pool, inspirational ideas for outdoor fireplaces, beautiful ideas for pergolas, or simply the best plants for shade gardens, these 60 stunning landscape ideas are sure to inspire even those with The blackest thumbs go out into the fresh air and start planting.

Landscape designer Elaine Shaw relied on native, drought-tolerant plants to help set up this Napa Valley cabin in its peaceful mountain landscape. Landscape designer Scott Shrader worked closely with interior designer Erin Martin to produce smooth transitions between this Santa Monica home and its olive orchard. A painter's palette of 300 materials allows you to create accidental colors and pleasant patterns in a long landscape.

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