When to landscape a new home?

As a new homeowner, it's exciting to start your plan to garden your property. However, whether the house is new or new to you, I recommend that you live in the house for at least a full year before starting any major project. Landscape installation is a simple process. In general, gardens (patios, terraces, fountains, etc.) Although there may be slight deviations depending on site-specific problems, compliance with this order ensures that previously installed material is not compromised by subsequent work.

When working with a garden contractor, keep in constant communication regarding this progress and ask questions if you don't understand it. Finding the best time to start the gardening process may seem complicated, but the truth is that you can probably start sooner than you think. As long as the plot plan is available, the landscape design process can begin, even before construction begins on your new home. Choose the right lawn for the right areas, and your lawn should stay lush and green for a long time.

Ask a specialist or do some research online. With your solar map in hand, you're sure to be able to choose the perfect lawn. Following good planning, execution and monitoring practices ensures that you'll pay a fair price for a landscape that does exactly what you need it to do, and that will remain healthy and functional for many years to come. Landscaping done right can quickly increase the perceived value of your home and can inspire your neighbors to take on their own gardening challenges.

With two large yellow Soil3 bags at the entrance, they set out to cover all open areas of the landscape. Now you have the freedom to create any landscape you want, filled with trees, grass and other modifications, such as water fountains, shrubs, with a nice path between them, or maybe just a beautiful green and sturdy grass lawn. Unlike the real house, which probably consists of new and functional features, the surrounding landscape can be a little more difficult to work with. Even if you're an avid DIYer or DIYer, an architect or landscape designer can be worth it when you're working with a blank canvas.

To find out for sure, talk to your landscape designer and see what schedule will work best for your property. The combination of these “dream features” with practicality and functionality ensures that your landscape can be enjoyed for many years to come. When building a new house, the upper part of the ground is scraped to create the necessary landscape for the house. Here, in the south, old forests are cleared to make way for the sprawling suburbs, and often that healthy upper layer of native soil is scraped and sold so that builders can carve out a new landscape, complete with houses.

A master garden plan is a useful tool that can keep you disciplined and focused while you shop at garden centers and discuss business with contractors. When building or landscaping a new home, you must consider the various landscape requirements that your home and the landscape features must meet to meet HOA guidelines. Considering these features can give you an idea of how much maintenance your new installation will require over time. It's also crucial to ensure that the landscapers working on your project are certified by the landscape industry.

To find out if you meet local landscape requirements and ordinances, you must submit your plans to the HOA and wait for approval before installation can begin.

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