What is the best time of year to do landscaping?

The best time to start landscaping and planting trees, shrubs and perennials is in the months of April and May. These spring months will give your plants the opportunity to grow and acclimate during summer and fall. However, the next best time to start gardening is fall. Working in your garden in winter or summer would mean that your plants would be subjected to extreme temperatures.

Sonoma County landscape designers agree that mid-spring and early fall are good seasons for landscaping, as temperatures are neither too high nor too high. Spring and summer are the most popular times for installing patios (everyone wants the patio to be ready in time to have fun in summer); but fall and even early winter might be a better time, since the project won't interfere as much with the enjoyment of the landscape. Talk to most people familiar with horticulture and landscaping and they'll agree that fall is a good time for landscape maintenance and installation. But when it comes to a total remodeling of the landscape, many gardeners and landscapers agree that early fall, when temperatures start to drop, may be the ideal time to redo landscaping.

Since the beginning of autumn lends itself to colder temperatures and lower humidity, it is the most favorable and comfortable time of year to embark on a gardening project. Although many people believe that spring is the best time to plant, landscapes thrive when they are installed in late summer and early fall. However, the time period for oversowing or sowing a new lawn is much shorter in fall than in spring, so overseeding and adding new grass is something that, depending on your schedule, you could wait until spring. Although many of us get the plantation virus on the first beautiful day of spring, it's not necessarily the best time to start your gardening project.

In addition to preparing the garden for winter, fall is an excellent time to redo landscaping, according to the USDA plant hardiness zone. To ensure that your efforts are not in vain and that your landscaping project is a success, you must choose the right time for landscaping. September, October, and November are excellent months to prepare your lawn for the harsh elements of the coming winter for the same reason mentioned above; fall is a cooler time of year with higher humidity. While every garden has four seasons and everything except the cold of winter invites us to do some digging, there are definitely better times for a complete remodeling of the landscape.

That said, most homeowners are likely to find that the best time of year to redo their gardening is probably the time when they have the budget and their landscaper has the time. As I've revealed, while there are some gardening tasks that shouldn't be done in the fall, for the most part, it's the best time to maintain the land, prepare the plants for the coming winter, and installing new design projects.

Natalie Shimabukuro
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