What do you do in landscaping in the fall?

Landscaping in autumn Plants, shrubs% 26 trees. Most landscape renovations involve adding new trees, shrubs and plants of all kinds. Like plants, shrubs, and trees, fall is also a good time to maintain, renew, or replace grass. Garden work doesn't end with summer.

When spring comes, you'll be glad you continued with fall landscaping. Once the soil has been analyzed, and the deficiencies have been corrected, it's time to aerate and plant the parts that are stressed by the summer sun or trampled by foot traffic. It depends on the condition of the turf, but typically about three pounds are needed for every 1,000 square feet of grass, says Josh Kane, president of Kane Landscapes in Northern Virginia. The leaves in your garden form a fine, no-cost mulch that will protect your plants during the winter.

You'll need to shred the leaves to encourage decay before using them. Sheldon Landscape is a landscape contractor providing landscape design, garden installation and landscaping services to clients in Lake Geneva, WI and the surrounding communities, including Delavan Lake, Fontana and Williams Bay, WI. Your local gardening professional can offer you additional ideas and suggestions for getting the most out of your outdoor living space. Here's a very useful list of what professional landscapers do in the fall for their properties and their clients, which you should steal and dispose of by the end of November from House Beautiful and Beth Kaufman.

So, clean and store your tools, keep the homeowners association happy with the removal of leaves, but consider ways to keep your landscape more natural for winter wildlife.

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