What are the elements to consider in planting trees?

When selecting a tree, consider not only visual appeal, but also growth requirements (sun or shade, soil type), height and extent of maturity, and annoying factors. Some trees have seed production and are susceptible to unwanted pests. Spring is an excellent time to plant trees and shrubs. However, before going to the garden center or nursery, gardeners need to do some preparatory work.

Gardeners should examine the planting site, determine their gardening needs, and obtain pertinent information about potential plant materials. Some important plant characteristics are size, resistance, susceptibility to insects and diseases and soil conditions. Careful selection of plants can create an attractive landscape and avoid future maintenance problems. Location is one of the most important factors to consider before planting trees.

The trees have roots, which grow far and wide underground, where most of the sewer infrastructure and water pipes are located. Partnering with a main water and sewer pipeline contractor company that has a strong link to the city is a great way to obtain the right permits and plant safely.

Natalie Shimabukuro
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