Is it better to use pavers or concrete?

It is known that concrete is cheaper than pavers. However, if you add color staining and printing, the cost starts to increase rapidly to be comparable to that of cobblestones. Concrete slabs are essentially the same as pavers, only slightly larger. They are ideal for covering large areas of land, such as pool terraces or large patios, where a sense of scale is important.

Both pavers and concrete have their pros and cons, so your decisions shouldn't be based solely on price. Paving stones are generally stronger and can be safer, but concrete offers more flexible design options and less long-term maintenance. While individual pavers are not expensive, laying them is more time and labor intensive than pouring concrete. Whether you use cement pavers or want to pave stone entrances, pavers and stones are often stronger than concrete and can support more weight on the surface before a crack appears.

A well-maintained concrete patio that is well-placed and complements the rest of the backyard will offer more value than a cobblestone walkway covered in moss and missing bricks. Paving stones cost more than standard concrete, unless you choose a decorative concrete option, such as stamped concrete, that can be comparable. S%26S Pavers is proud to serve Manatee and Sarasota Counties for the past 10 years. If you live in Florida, don't hesitate to call us.

However, if your cobblestone patio has a complex design and several pavers are damaged, you can contact a professional to do the repairs. We have already established that both pavers and concrete can cause problems and will eventually need repair. Depending on the style of cobblestone surface you choose, it can offer more grip with a slate texture or a smoother surface for wheelchair use. Repairing concrete is also more laborious than replacing some individual pavers, since a professional will likely have to tear off an important part and pour in the replacement concrete.

You can also install pavers in a variety of patterns and styles, such as plain, rustic, cobblestone, and textured. Since pavers are a flexible paving material and an individual paver can be changed, replacement and repair costs are simple and affordable. Paving stones can last longer than concrete, although some pavers may need to be replaced if they become damaged or stained. However, the sand joints and the natural interlock between the pavers leave enough space for them to expand and contract without cracking.

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