How often should you maintain your yard?

Maintenance services, such as mowing lawns and eating marijuana, should be done frequently during the growing season. A typical schedule is every one to two weeks to keep your garden in good shape. Pest, weed and disease control are maintenance services that are performed less frequently. For basic lawn care services, we like to come every two weeks.

This is a complete cleaning that takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the property. Properties in developments of less than half an acre usually take between one and two hours and must be done weekly or biweekly, depending on the amount of landscape on the property. This biweekly service includes mowing lawns, blowing leaves, eating weeds, trimming and clearing debris. This keeps your garden fresh, clean and well trimmed.

However, this is actually for late fall and winter, say between November and March. Most landscapers recommend using the “third” rule, which means that you should never cut more than a third of the height of the lawn at a time. Cutting grass too short can damage it, but it can also damage it if you let it grow too tall. This means that, in most cases, you'll need to mow your lawn about once a week.

However, with that said, if you want an even healthier lawn, it's best to mow your lawn twice a week, mowing just a little bit each time. These are just general rules and will largely depend on the variables we mentioned above. How often do you go out and do a thorough and thorough cleaning of your garden? Irrigation can make or break grass. How often you water depends on your soil, the amount of rain you get and the type of grass you have.

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