How often should you landscape?

In general, we recommend that your landscape designer come once a week or two. Lawn should generally be trimmed every one to two weeks to control length and maintain good health. This is especially true in spring, when grass tends to grow faster. Landscape renovation projects can often be addressed year-round.

Although we don't normally plant anything in winter, if that's when you've started thinking about how you can update your landscape, we can certainly start the planning process then. In fact, it's always best to start the thought process early so you can start spring time now. Maintenance services are those that help you protect your garden from threats and keep it in good condition. These types of services are mainly needed during the time of year when your garden is actively growing.

For most areas, this includes spring and summer time. Examples of maintenance services include mowing lawns, eating weeds, controlling pests, controlling weeds and controlling diseases. Maintenance services, such as mowing lawns and eating marijuana, should be done frequently during the growing season. A typical schedule is every one to two weeks to keep your garden in good shape.

Pest, weed and disease control are maintenance services that are performed less frequently. There are chemical solutions to protect your garden from each of these threats. First-line chemical solutions can be effective for an extended period of time. Each option comes with its own application time recommendations.

Your lawn care professional will help you schedule the treatment of weeds, pests and diseases based on your lawn's needs and chemical specifications.

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