How much should i charge to install paver patio?

The final price of a cobblestone patio depends mainly on the choice of material, the size of the patio and the workmanship. You can create a matte, semi-gloss, or glossy (wet) look with various sealants, all of which will protect your pavers from things like stains and discoloration. Installing pavers can be a great home improvement job, so it's a good idea to contact several patio companies for different quotes. If you're thinking about adding pavers to your home, it's important to understand how much paving stones cost and how much it costs to install them.

You can find pavers in a variety of different styles, with brick being the most popular and least expensive option. A cobblestone path costs the most but is the one that lasts the longest, while interlocking pavers provide the best solid surface. Adding a paved patio or walkway increases the value of your home, its curb appeal, and makes it more attractive to prospective buyers. Paver installation companies must ensure that a contingency repair fund is set aside for each project for any call or email they receive requesting a repair.

A cobblestone pallet covers between 100 and 160 square feet, depending on size, style, material, and number of pieces. Paving stone kits are more expensive than buying everything individually and the base materials are not included. When designing your patio, think about the type of material you want to install and how it will influence the total cost of the paver. Glossy, semi-gloss or matte sealant will maintain color on pavers and resist stains, climate erosion, UV rays, antifreeze products and heavy traffic.

Installation costs depend on the size, shape, and special pattern you want for your new cobblestone driveway or patio. While these pavers are available in different shapes and sizes, you're mostly limited to the standard gray color. The type of material you choose for your pavers is one of the most important components used to calculate the cost of installing pavers in your entire patio, garden, or patio. The most popular types of pavers are brick, concrete and stone (slab, bluestone, cobblestone, carved stone).

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