How do you increase curb appeal when selling a house?

Trees and shrubs should accentuate and enhance your home, not hide it. No matter the size of your lot or the style of your home, you can create an attractive exterior for selling your home, which will dazzle buyers and generate a worthwhile return on investment. Here are 32 tips and tricks for designing a stunning exterior. According to Landscape Contractors of America's Economic Benefits of Landscape, landscaping can add 14% to the resale value of a home and sell it 6 weeks faster.

Seventy-four percent of real estate agents recommend that sellers revisit their gardens before putting their home on the market, and 17 percent say that doing so leads to a successful sale, according to the National Association of Realtors. If that's not enough to convince you to call a gardener, keep in mind that your house could be priced up to 20% higher when you're ready to sell it. And in terms of new lighting? “To increase external appeal, I would suggest taking an environmental approach and including both upward and downward lighting,” Steckel says. He adds that “most people opt for a softer color, such as 2400 or 2700 Kelvin, and a lower power because this light is less harmful to the animals and insects that share the neighborhood.

According to a study conducted by Michigan State University, a home with a landscape design and reduced effort on sight can increase the perceived value of a home by 5 to 11%. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 96% of real estate agents recommend improving international attractiveness before sellers list their homes, while 99% believe that external appeal is essential to attracting buyers. Suzette Peoples, owner and agent of Peoples Properties, said that curb appeal is important for buyers to form a positive opinion about the property. For example, if you're selling your house on Halloween, hang a simple fall wreath on your front door and decorate your porch with pumpkins and potted moms.

However, on average, homes with well-maintained lawns and professional gardening sell 7% more than similar homes with exterior imperfections or unattractive front patios. If the roof is old and you only have a few years left, you'll receive a positive return on your money by replacing it and trying to sell the house at a higher price. Homes are generally valued based on the condition and characteristics of the home's interior, making it difficult for financial institutions to measure exactly how much external appeal adds to the value of the property. If your existing front door hardware is old and outdated, a good idea to do it yourself is to replace them with new ones.

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