Do appraisers care about landscaping?

Landscaping accounts for 85 percent of what first-time buyers see when they look at a home. When valuing a home, the appraiser must analyze the landscape of the property in question compared to other properties in the area. The American Society of Landscape Architects suggests that homeowners invest 10 percent of a property's value in landscaping. In fact, a well-landscaped home can add approximately 6 to 13 percent in value compared to a property without gardens, according to a source.

In general, landscaping and trees are not considered when conducting a real estate appraisal for a residential property. It's undisputed that large, beautiful trees and a well-maintained lawn increase the curb appeal and overall convenience of a property, but a real estate appraiser doesn't have the means to put a dollar amount on these things. Make sure your lawn is taken care of and that everything looks healthy, but don't exaggerate or make too personal decisions about landscaping. A home with a mediocre landscape or an exterior that desperately needs a new coat of paint is probably not attractive to potential buyers and could ultimately affect the potential resale value of the home, said Appraisal Institute President James L.

Homes with spacious, flat lots generally price higher than houses with small, sloping lots that are more difficult for buyers to build and use. Now that we know the effect of landscaping on property value, let's discuss some professional landscaping tips on how to easily achieve a higher valuation of your home. A home with laminate countertops and basic white appliances may price less than a home with quartz countertops and high-end stainless steel appliances. As a motivated seller who wants to get the best price for your home, you would probably like to know what home appraisers are looking for to maximize the appraisal.

Natalie Shimabukuro
Natalie Shimabukuro

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