Best patio landscaping?

Get some ideas about aesthetics, privacy, security, comfort and maintenance. Designing a landscape plan for your patio gives you the opportunity to rethink typical potted plants. Round clay containers are ideal for planting herbs and flowers in your yard, but don't hesitate to research the different shapes and sizes of pots. You can also use long, rectangular planters on the ground.

Keep in mind the amount of privacy you want from your patio. Do you want to protect it from the rest of your property or patio with tall shrubs or keep it open and cozy? Do you want to update your outdoor space? Refresh the most used patio area for a specific purpose with problem-solving plantations, smart shade solutions, and great inspiration from some of our favorite outdoor living spaces. An unusual shelf and chandelier create a multitude of opportunities to integrate flora into this charming and eclectic patio. Fortunately, for those who only have a little free time to work in the garden, imitation hedges offer a quick, low-maintenance solution for adding greenery and privacy to a patio.

Gravel was spread over the cloth, tile stone was used for the wall, and slabs were used for the steps and the patio area. This magnificent living work of art features a vibrant focal point that helps revitalize the patio's neutral outline. Second Chance Design's Asian-inspired patio designs feature a relaxing living room with comfortable patio furniture. From relaxing zen gardens to colorful and succulent gardens, there are numerous ways in which rocks can highlight and add interest to your backyard and patio area.

Although there are other ways to do this (such as patio pot pockets), the easiest way to incorporate plants into a terrace or patio is to use potted gardens. If your patio landscaping welcomes a furry friend, be sure to pay special attention to the vegetation in the garden. The patio is surrounded by huge beds of perennials, herbs and drought-tolerant succulents (see more on the next slide) and features large concrete pavers lined with elf thyme. This modern patio is softened and framed by lush beds filled with abundant ground-covering plants, nestled among larger, succulent herbs.

Patios are generally safer and better suited for fire pits than a wooden deck, so take advantage of your materials and look for a bonfire above the floor for extra beauty and warmth (as long as you have the room). Whether you're updating your current patio or designing a new one, don't forget to include landscaping as part of your exterior design plans. Placing various organic textures on the beds that surround your terrace or patio is an easy way to make your outdoor space look like an oasis. Designer Heather Lashbrook Jones of A Blade of Grass Landscape Design suggests prioritizing the areas that will be most visible, such as the beds that surround the patio.

If your backyard gets constant sunshine or you just don't feel like working with flower beds that require a lot of maintenance, consider surrounding your deck or backyard with a mix of organic materials such as river rock, gravel, or mulch.

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