Are pavers considered hardscape?

Hardscape elements are inanimate objects. Other examples of hard landscapes include retaining walls, pavers for roads or patios, outdoor kitchens, water fountains, gazebos, terraces and driveways. The outdoor living space offers an oasis in which to enjoy life. Your exterior design must include both hard landscape and soft landscape elements to make it a comfortable place.

The difference between the two is quite simple. Gardening elements are non-living things, such as pavers, rocks, concrete, fences, doors, fountains, and more. Soft landscape elements are living things such as grasses, flowers, vegetation covers, shrubs and trees. You should consider the following differences between the two when designing your outdoor spaces.

Simply put, the harsh landscape is any of the non-living elements in your landscape design. As the name suggests, these are the toughest design elements in your space, such as concrete, rocks, bricks, cobblestones, stone and wood. Hard landscaping also includes man-made structures, such as decks, pergolas, or patio covers, that are specifically used in your gardening. Basically, these two are complete opposites that are equally necessary to put together any landscape project.

Stone paving installers in Alpharetta will remind you that installing in hard spaces is generally a long-term decision. In the context of landscape design and management, hardscaping refers to non-living things used in any landscape design, such as pavers, patios, rocks, bricks, among other materials. When constructing vertical structures such as walls, stone benches or paved entrances, the soil structure is considerably strengthened. With many years of experience installing entrances, walkways, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, patios and retaining walls, Viking Pavers is a premier company that offers quality landscape design, installation and maintenance solutions at an affordable price.

Filling in the cracks between pavers can help block weeds and moisture that widens the gaps and could cause more damage.

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